S-TARGET Online tool voor strategie implementatie
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More insight into performance and
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What is S-target

S-target is an online tool that facilitates the implementation of a mission, vision, critical success factors and key performance indicators. S-target translates your strategy into operational processes and keeps you in control of improvement actions. S-target supports the Balanced scorecard and the INK Model.  

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Why S-target

S- target supports and simplifies strategy implementation. Defined strategies, sudden evolving and emerging strategies, can easily be processed in the online S-target tool. The tool is optimally suitable for use alongside an annual planning cycle; which supports a continuous strategy-and change process. The desired changes become concrete and progress at departmental level are easy to follow.

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What S-target does for you

  • Supports the top-management with the realization of the strategy
  • Provides visibility for partial and departmental strategies
  • Creates a visible link between strategy and processes
  • Stimulates communication strategy. Working with the tool, encourages communication per departmental level
  • Links strategy and changes to each other
  • Facilitates the optimization of processes
  • Increases the self-reliance and involvement of departments and employees
  • Lowers cost by savings in consultants
  • Supports the annual cycle and continuous improvements
  • Replaces thick year plans by concrete actions
  • Gives clear input for determining individual objectives
  • Makes easier the Placement of competence and talent management